Get your own peerSynth key! 

(Diese Seite bitte in Deutsch)

When you buy, you will receive a personal registration key and the full version direct from the author. This enables all the features of peerSynth. If you have questions using the key please contact us. Registration is very easy! We have joined several well known shareware payment processing services accepting secure payment by credit card, cash or check via the internet or a simple phone call. 

This Key will

  • Disable the register dialog during playing
  • Let your peers see that you are a registered user
  • Enable real-time wave and mp3 recording and distribution
  • Enable full MIDI control
  • Secure enhanced technical support
  • Let you receive the latest bugfixes and updates free of charge
  • Provide you with special offers for upgrades and other products
    A good conscience because you are doing the right thing and a special welcome if you visit us in Munich, Germany  ;-)
You can get your key here...