Current version of peerSynth

05.2006 peerSynth 1.12

  • Add checkbox in connection dialog for auto connect to public network sheduler
  • Change some interface/dialog layouts and colors
  • Remove some minor bugs

Please download here...


09.2004 peerSynth 1.05

  • Change licensing system
  • Remove some minor bugs
03.2004 peerSynth 1.04

  • Change connection procedure in session scheduler to enable connections to peers behind a firewall
  • Disable DSP-Engine stop on Nag-Window in Demo Mode
  • Using newest lame version
  • Remove mp3 recording bug on lower sample rates
  • Remove Setup/Uninstall dialog bug on higher screen resolutions
03.2004 peerSynth 1.03

  • Everyone is invited to download and test peerSynth
  • Add Session Server access functions and dialogue
  • Change connection dialogue
  • Remove a sound bug in DSP Engine
  • Remove DynDNS storing
02.2004 peerSynth 1.02b

  • is published
  • Betatesters are invited to download and test peerSynth
  • Add peerSounds
  • Add MP3 session and live recording
  • Add MIDI
  • Add Slider
  • Add Database
  • Add stream encryption
  • Add HTML-Help
  • Add instrument color
  • Add language support
  • Change instrument layout
09.2003 peerSynth 0.90b

peerSynth was born and distributed to selected artists and musicians.
peerSynth was presented to the public during the ICMC2003 in Singapore (Sep 29th - Oct 4th).