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Hey, think about this:

If it is possible to make virtual war by multi-player games it should be possible (and of course much more creative) to produce virtual music by a multi-user instrument. And: If it is possible to share files thru a p2p network it should be possible to share live played musical gestures in the same way.

So, welcome to the world's first p2p multi-user network synthesizer peerSynth! Welcome to a new development of büro </stelkens> the author of the famous granular synth crusherX-Live!. Hear the connection!

Download now!

Please feel free to download this shareware and start your first network jamming now! No time limits! Find out what's new in the newest peerSynth version. The program has no DLLs and is only installed in one Folder that you can choose. If you don't like the program, just use the uninstaller or delete the folder manually to remove it completely from your system. Take a look at the system requirements.


peerSynth screenshot

Big resolution: peersynth_screenshot_big.jpg

Concept & Background

Read more about the new peerSynth concept and the realized ideas. Take a look at the innovative concept of the free public session server!

peerSynth comes with a tutorial that enables you to start a network session in a few minutes.

peerSynth was presentend during the ICMC2003 in Singapore (29 Sep - 4 Oct). Please feel free to download the ICMC 2003 Paper. Here you can find a slide show about peerSynths main features.

peerSounds library & session samples

peerSynth comes with nearly 300 brand new and cool mp3 sound samples that can be used during a peerSynth session without the need of any file transferring over the network. Download peerSynth and find out more...

If you like to get an small impression how peerSynth sounds like, please feel free to download the following live mp3 session recording samples:


peerSynth @ tour

Dr. Jörg Stelkens does performances and lectures in art scools and universities about the history of network composition and the concept of peerSynth:

11.07.2005: peerSynth@Musikhochschule Hamburg

03.05.2005: peerSynth@Kunstuni Linz

27.01.2005: peerSynth@KHM Köln


If you have questions or like to ask for a presentation please contact...